About F2

F2 is an intelligence and strategic advisory firm headquartered in the heart of the Uptown District of Minneapolis.

We deliver exceptional insights to CEOs and investors.

Our cutting-edge approach helps you be first to see emerging risks and enlightening opportunities. It also means building deeper relationships with customers, accelerating growth, and ultimately, maximizing value creation and returns.

We ensure that trusted customer relationships are protected.

Every CEO is naturally protective of their customer relationships; customers are the lifeblood of
 the company’s success. We understand. After learning more about F2’s process and our experiences, you will have confidence and comfort with us.

When we first learned of F2, we hesitated to bring a new vendor into our deal process; the last thing we need is complications or disruptions to our otherwise smooth deal process. However, shortly after beginning our first engagement with F2, we discovered that our fears were unfounded. F2 integrated well into our deal process and the execution was flawless.

Joel Grebenick, Vice PresidentStone Arch Capital
Joel Grebenick

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the engagement.

F2 has a keen understanding of the difficulties of managing competing agendas from different stakeholders in your process. We work hard to get everyone comfortable and on the same page as it relates to initiating an F2 engagement.

We strive to earn long-term partnerships based upon integrity, respect, and commitment to doing what is right for you.

F2 is dedicated to earning your trust and building a lasting relationship with you. But most
 importantly, we deeply care about your best interest and well being – that goes to the core of
 who we are and what we stand for.