Careers at F2

Transformative. Inspiring. Rewarding.

The profile of a successful F2 consultant is well defined: critical thinker, innately curious, introspective, emotionally mature, exceptional listener, thought-provoking writer, and aspires to make a difference for clients. Above all, a lifelong, perpetual student of learning.

F2 offers the most extensive training program of its kind in the world. We don’t seek people with previous consulting experience; we seek people with the right balance of IQ and EQ to become part of the F2 team. And then we train you the F2 Way!

Our Values

  • We demonstrate humble professionalism and uncompromising integrity.
  • We constantly pioneer new methods and processes that improve our investigative and analytic outcome.
  • We regularly share our experiences, insights, and curiosities with our peers.
  • We invest in the advancement of our talents, initiatives, and leadership.
  • We are understanding and responsive to the inherent challenges facing our clients.
  • We always engage in precise, logical, and thoughtful communication; in all forms.

Our Aspiration

To provide our clients with strategic clarity and unconventional, street-smart insights that help them become among the best performers in their industry.

Compensation and Benefits

F2 consultants are among the best in the world; and they are compensated accordingly. In addition to a competitive base salary, we offer bonuses based upon the success of our clients, as well as the success of our organization.

What makes us different

  • Team: Work with a bright, talented, and fun group of thinker-types.
Culture: Innovation driven, continually seeking to pioneer and raise the bar.

  • Investment: We invest heavily in developing our talent; learning is a lifelong journey.
Impact: Make a big difference for CEOs and investors; we are trusted advisors.