Exceptional Insights. Growth. Results.

F2 works hard to maintain its reputation for cutting-edge solutions that deliver world-class, bottom-line results in the arena of customer, market, and industry intelligence. We are pioneering the forefront of a whole new breed of strategic advisory services.

In fact, because of our commitment to innovation, we always track the impact of our work long after your project has been completed – never to seek add-on work – but to close the feedback loop with you so that we are aware of how we can refine ourselves and our impact.

To be candid, I was skeptical of giving access to our customers to anybody. In reality, our experience with F2 was great. Your study is very actionable. We set our plans based on your work. If anybody has concerns, give them my phone number and I will be a strong reference.

Bob Polus, CEOXact Data

F2 is a very professional organization. They handled our needs during a time of high sensitivity and treated our customers very well.

Mike Meyer, CEOConvergent

We are very protective of our customer relationships; F2’s approach not only helped us better understand our customers, but actually helped deepen our relationships.

Anonymous, CEOProfessional Services

Really unbelievable work on the customer interviews. Wow, you do exceptional work. The information is so actionable!

Jim Frohlich, CEOSafeTec

F2 asks very smart questions. The amount of preparation that the F2 team went through before interviewing our customers was impressive.

Todd Duren, CEOColumbus

Our group is amazed by F2's ability to deliver critical intelligence and strategic insights, especially in complex and dynamic global markets.

George Danko, President & CEOPentair

F2 is extraordinarily effective!

Ken Melrose, CEOThe Toro Company