Simply put, F2 is ahead of the curve and always will be. We are pioneers in smarter ways of thinking about business issues, applying intelligence-based listening, and engaging in conversations that get the best results for you.

Research Innovation

Over the past five years, F2 has invested over $1 million into developing and pioneering the most cutting-edge approach to primary research the business world has ever seen.

Analytic Innovation

We cross-reference each newly completed project with our past 900 projects to identify industry-agnostic patterns and create cross-learning opportunities. It’s not big data; it’s micro-data analytics that helps us see things that others miss.

Reporting Innovation

Our reporting is nothing like anything you’ve seen before. It offers unparalleled detail, transparency, and clarity. We believe that not only is content critical, but the delivery of that content is equally important. Our executive summaries are practical, street-smart, and best of all, specifically designed to be enjoyable and easy-to-read.